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Attic Insulation

The first component of the Efficient Attic System is proper Attic Insulation. While most homes have some level of attic insulation, many homes either have insufficient or poorly-installed attic insulation. As a result, the insulation is not effective in reducing the heat transfers between your hot or cold attic and your air-conditioned living spaces in the home. Without the right levels of attic insulation, your air conditioner works harder in summer and your furnace works harder in winter.

Attic Ventilation

The final component of the Efficient Attic System is Attic Ventilation. Unlike the doors and windows in your living spaces that need to be sealed tightly, your attic needs to “breathe,” so the warm air and moisture you don’t want can circulate out, as fresh air comes in.

radiant barrier

Radiant Barrier

The second component of the Efficient Attic System is our Radiant Barrier. Simply put, we apply a safe, highly-reflective paint on the underside of your roof decking to block much of the sun’s radiant energy away from your attic. If you’ve ever been up in your attic during the heat of the summer, your attic’s temperatures can skyrocket. This can be damaging to stored items in the attic and will also cause your air conditioner to work harder. SolaShield™ is the premium spray-on radiant barrier coating available today. This award-winning radiant barrier spray reflects heat away from your home in the summer and back into your living space in the winter.

This remarkable compound is applied just like ordinary latex paint, but its proprietary composition enables it to reduce roof-to-attic energy transfer by up to 80%. SolaShield™ spray-on radiant barrier is water-based, breathable, and does not interfere with antenna or mobile phone reception.

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